Boy with fish tank and magnifying glassWe serve low income families with infants and toddlers from birth through age 3 in Kootenai, Bonner, and Shoshone counties. All of our services are FREE to enrolled children and their families.

By enrolling in our program, we will help address the social, emotional, health, dental, and nutritional needs of your child as well help her develop skills to succeed in school. We will also provide referrals and help you connect with services you may qualify for in your community.

We don’t just serve infants and toddlers—we serve the ENTIRE family.

Your Child is Unique

Each child learns, develops, and grows in a way that is unique. We call this ‘child development’ and it includes the processes in which your child develops cognitive, language, physical, and emotional skills that help him prepare for success in school and later in life.

Not all children grow at the same rate though. Individual temperaments, interests and experiences, along with genetics influence the way your child develops.

If your child needs a little extra help or special services, we can work with you and your Infant Toddler Program provider to use your child’s goals to customize our approach.

Learning Through Play

Because children learn and grow at different rates, we individualize our approach to “meet the child” where he is at. Using your child’s strengths, we create opportunities for you and your child to focus on specific goals that are done in a fun and interactive way so your child learns through play!

This approach keeps the child’s interest and is the best way for infants and toddlers to develop new skills, such as talking, making friends, and understanding their world.


Come Play With Us

Infant Toddler_Athena and Wyatt explore sandBesides providing a weekly Home Visit for each child, we also offer Playgroups for you and your child to meet other parents and children, develop friends, share a snack and have fun together.

For a schedule of our Playgroups, please contact your Family Consultant or check out the Playgroup Calendar for your Center.

We hope to see you there!!