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Are you interested in having fun with your child while meeting other children and parents at our center? If so, you might be interested in attending one of our playgroups.

What’s a Playgroup?

Playgroups are a small gathering of parents and children who regularly get together, in a relaxed and casual setting to visit, play, build relationships and developmental skills, and learn about themselves and others.

This fun parent-child opportunity is offered many times throughout the year at our Early Head Start centers.  Playgroups are available for free to all enrolled families with children birth to age three.

What are Playgroups Like?

Playgroup sand

During playgroups, we offer fun activities that are designed to help your child learn through play! Some favorite activities include: art, reading, music, and time to play with their friends and create an imaginary world of fun.

We also offer a nutritious snack at each playgroup, and parent feedback helps us create menus that are sure to delight you and your children.

Want to See More?

Don’t just take our word that it’s fun— check out the fun these parents and children are having:

Come to a Playgroup

We offer playgroups at each of our center locations many times throughout the year. You can ask your Family Consultant for the schedule or call your center for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Here is a fun little video.  Check it out!