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Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in your life but it can also be a time when you have a lot of questions or you worry about what happens after the baby arrives. When you enroll as a pregnant woman in our program, we support you by:

  • Helping you learn about your baby’s development,
  • Ensuring you have the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy and newborn baby,
  • Sharing information about what to expect throughout your pregnancy and delivery, and
  • Supporting you, your family, and your hopes and dreams as you begin to plan for what comes after the baby arrives

From the beginning, we are there to support you! Together, we’ll help you find answers to your questions whether this is your first baby or your third.

Home Visits

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We don’t just support pregnant women, we support the expectant family! We do this by scheduling home visits with you, at a time that is convenient for you, and including Dad or other family members you want to involve. We can schedule weekly home visits for 45 minutes or every other week for 90 minutes. The choice is up to you!

During your home visit, you’ll receive education to help you adjust to your pregnancy and get ready for your baby’s arrival.  Topics will include fetal development, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery among others. We’ll also help you connect with your doctor, or help you find one if you don’t have one already as a healthy pregnancy helps assure a healthy outcome for both you and the baby.

After your baby is born, we will visit you at home within two weeks of the baby’s birth to check on how you and the baby are doing. This is another time where we can answer questions, provide tips on sleeping schedules, help you find resources, and make sure you’ve got the supports you need.

From the day you first enroll, we will support you on this journey and honor your decisions. So, enroll now! We’re excited to meet you.


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